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‘Flying Brick’ Slope Soarer

FPV Drone Disaster Movie

Those were the days!!

Flying on Autopilot (ardupilot)

Building a Quadcopter

Adrian's Home Movies (aka William Warrow)

Burton Dassett

Llandudno, Great Orme Oct 2014

The bird has flown

Fly Fishing

Hillfield Park fly about

Weymouth Reds

Acrobatic Slope Soarer Build Log

Range of a Full Range Receiver

The Summer BBQ

The Decathlon that caused a Marathon.


Great Orme Sunday 13th. July....Mon & Tue to follow

Catalina and Updated OSD test flight

The Bird of Time Goes to the Seaside

Pooh visits the seaside

Trip to Llandudno

Not a good day for FPV

Brain fade landing

Cularis wing cam

Slightly Cloudy Sunday at the Field

Retro fitting a Super Cub for FPV

FPV on a new glider in the wind

Pooh Bear Flies the Spit

FPV, and taking it a bit too far.

Shark Attack!!!

Fizzzzz..... Boom!

Goggle vision...

2 metre glider flight

Bird of time's view of Tanworth Forest on a sunny windy day

If in doubt, double up...

Barry's Spitfire

Adrian flying MX2 with Mobius camera fitted

Turning a Servo into a Remotely Controlled Switch

Close encounters of the Viggen kind

A Spot of Decorating

The Phantom Streamer Nicker - A New Foe

Flight of the Beaver

FW-42 Maiden

PSSA Meeting on the Great Orme

On a wing and a Kinetic

Duelling Streamer Nickers

On board with a Viggen...

3...2...1... Launch!

Smoking from a planes perspective.

The Phantom streamer nicker of old Tanworth Lane

Almost an Automatic Ban (How High, How Far, How Fast 2)

FT Viggen Test Flight

Polaris Video

EDF wings

How High? How Far? How Fast?

Not so Ultimate BiPlane

Great little fun jet

No Plan -- No Clue -- My FW-42

Build log of Versa Wing

Dusters maiden and Prop Selection

Jas39 Unbox and Maiden