Solihull Model Flying Club

Solihull Model Flying Club is a long established club with a friendly membership of people who really enjoy buying, building and flying radio controlled models.

Busy parking area.
First day at the new field.
First Wednesday at the new field.
It's a Bloody Wonder!
Gordon's Phoenix!
A Trio of Phoenix's
Cutting the grass!
Limbo Dancer taking off!

As of April 2021, and inline with advice from BMFA, we are now operating normally from our new flying field

We fly Electric (mainly fixed wing) and Glider models all year round, usually on Sundays and Wednesdays in a field just to the south-east of Birmingham.

Some of our members enjoy slope soaring and often arrange to go to other flying sites when the weather is favorable.

Due to noise restrictions at our flying field we are unable to accommodate any IC models.

The club rents the use of a privately owned field. For insurance reasons all members are required to hold a BMFA membership before they are permitted to fly at the club flying field. This can be arranged through the club.

If you wish to visit the club please contact the club secretary using the ‘SMFC Contact’ link on the left. Anyone of any ability is welcome and we will do our best to help novices until they are able to fly solo.

There has recently been a sharp increase in the purchase and use of drones, or multicopters. Some SMFC members do fly rotary wing craft and they would be willing to offer advice. However we do not currently have any training facilities for this style of flying. We have also found that mixing fixed wing and multi-rotor flying at the same time is problematic. Therefore at the moment we do not support multi or single rotor flying.

If you would like to come along to a meet or just know a little bit more, use the form on the SMFC Contact’ page.

We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Committee (2022):

Chairman: Barry Twilton
Treasurer: Mel Jones
Secretary: Colin Watkins
Safety Officer: Mike Watson