FPV, and taking it a bit too far.

Recorded from the ground station, this is a good view of exactly what is shown on the screen when flying by FPV from the back of an E-Fair glider.

First flight fairly uneventful, you can see the weather coming in a bit on the horizon, and sorry for the Youtube hold music again. The jerkiness on this video seems to be the recorder, it didn’t show on the screen when I was flying.


The second flight I got a bit more adventurous and took it probably a little further away than I should of, getting quite well over the other side of the road

The video kept quite a good link, it was actually the spektrum control which seemed to reach the edge of its range first, although I did have an AR400 receiver in this glider which I have seen seems to have a much lesser range and reliability than the larger AR6210’s

6 thoughts on “FPV, and taking it a bit too far.”

    1. It is working well now after that shaky start with the dodge transmitters, next step directional antennas, long range radios and see if we can fly to Gaydon and back? 🙂

    2. I’ve done some calculations, based off the GPS coordinates compared with them on landing and the height, and then also correlated them with the speed and travel time to get back to the field, both match and I think that the plane was about 550 meters away at the furthest point. Maybe those AR400’s need the long aerial putting across the plane of the receiver, for the polarisation, I simply pointed it away from the receiver since the other antenna is at 90 degrees to it already. 550m doesn’t sound a lot when you see the video and the plane is well over the next field, the road and beyond that.

    1. I think it is, the card I put in probably needs formatting just to clean it up and make it easier for the DVR to write to it quicker, I’m not actually sure what the speed of the SD card is, but it should be quick enough. The second flight seemed to have less stutters in the recording.