Retro fitting a Super Cub for FPV

After learning the lessons of my previous flight ( and with Scott kindly donating a Super Cub to the cause I have now fitted the FPV equipment, GPS and OSD.

Firstly I removed the brushed motor, speed controlled and unfortunately the receiver since this is a single unit, and because I don’t have a battery with an EC3 connector, or an adapter.


Replaced this with an AR400 receiver, 35amp brushless speed controller (top right of the picture below) and 1300 kv brushless motor with a 8×6 prop.

Then mount the GPS unit on the back of the plane behind the main wing, this gets 5v power from the receiver. The OSD (on screen display) unit is mounted to the side of the fuselage (bottom left of the fuselage cavity in below picture) behind the 5.8Ghz transmitter (bottom right), and the antenna of the transmitter being on a flexible stalk will fit over the side of the fuselage to be tucked under the main wing. The FPV and OSD both get their 12v power from a jst-xh connector connected to the balancing connector of the main flight battery. The DORA unit (in the centre, but not visible) also plugs into the receiver and the OSD to display the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) on the FPV screen.


Finally the wing goes on and the camera on top


all ready for a test flight

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