Trip to Llandudno

A few of us went to Llandudno for 3 or 4 days to do some slope soaring on the Great Orme.

We had to take pot luck with the weather it is one thing there is no control over, I arrived on Sunday afternoon to find that conditions where just right (for me anyway), and the short video was filmed then.

Monday started off quite well the wind had moved to SW so we had to move to a new site, just up the hill not far, I got a flight in early on, but the wind soon picked up and became quite strong making launching difficult. However Robert and Adrian enjoyed the conditions and a few flights.

Tuesday was the opposite of the previous day, being calm with little wind, however the sun shone making it a nice day. Fortunately we had brought along some power gliders which were flown in these light conditions.

The last day that I was there, Wednesday, the wind had picked up again, very strong first thing again making a launch difficult, my Wild Thing suffered damage due to a bad launch and now needs a dose of looking at. After an hour or so the wind speed dropped, but it had moved to the SW again so it was back up the hill, launching now was quite easy but the wind speed quickly increased but as I was already flying this wasn’t a problem, that is until I let my plane get behind me. I was flying my Weasel now which is quite light and would not penetrate the strong wind making it very difficult to get back to the cliff edge and so the lift. I had to land it and had a long walk to pick it up.

This is a photo of our “camp”,

small 1




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