Sloping and floating off the Great Orme.

I stopped off at the Great Orme on my way back from a bike trip to Scotland to see a hardy bunch of SMFC slopers, and I was glad I did!

On Sunday 8th May the weather started damp, but gradually improved throughout the day to such an extent that when I got home I was chastised severely for not applying any form of protection from the sun!

However, on to the sloping!

First the participants assembled as per instructions:




Dave was planning to fly a new (old) model he had just completed! He was given ample support and encouragement by all, including Adrian who was to be test pilot for the maiden flight!:



Eventually, after much procrastination it was time to fly. Again help was on hand , and after some concern about the flexibility of the wings, the model was thrown in to the sky:




Where it flew rather well!



To say Dave was happy would be a massive understatement!



However, despite his massive experience, the test pilot was rather put off by the multiple announcements of ‘RSSI Critical’ which kept being issued by Dave’s transmitter. Adrain had never heard anything like it in all his flying days, and therefore was keen to get the model back to land where the problem could be investigated.

The model was landed undamaged, no small feat on the rocky surface of the Great Orme, and the best minds on the Orme offered more advice and guidance to Dave who was rather perplexed!


















Despite all the skills and experience available to Dave, his model didn’t fly again that day!
















In the meantime, Mel was quietly going about his hobby with the usual enthusiasm:P1030333


Later in the day, an observant flyer noticed that Tony had wondered off on his own somewhere.



Apparently he had lost sight of his model and had gone off to look for it .

Some time later there was a cry of ‘There it is!’ followed by many hands pointing towards the sea!

Sure enough, the model was spotted in the Irish Sea and appeared to be making its way around the headland!


P1030340 P1030343 P1030341 P1030342


Despite Tony describing his glider as a ‘floater’, I’m sorry to have to report that currently there have been no reports of further sightings. We will have to assume the worst!

Another enjoyable day’s sloping with SMFC!

Thanks to all!

11 thoughts on “Sloping and floating off the Great Orme.”

  1. Outstanding reporting as always Mr Colin, a great weekend had by all, will look forward to the next time.
    Don’t forget we are happy to bring you a model up if your on your bike again next time 🙂

  2. With the weather looking unfavourable on the Saturday afternoon, my BOSS decided we should stay a little longer in South Wales… Well done Dave, you do look a ‘happy camper’ you could check your battery voltage levels and warning settings as I used to have that problem when the servos were under heavy loads, particularly when crow braking.

    Didn’t Robert take his rescue boat

  3. Must make a comment regarding the new (old) model just completed. My sincere thanks to test pilot Adrian and test launcher Steve for ensuring that its first flight went without any mishaps.
    Grateful thanks to Robert for giving me the opportunity to build this ancient kit (30 yrs old I believe).
    The model is an Alpha 27 for those interested.
    Built by campervan (scared of heights) Dave!!

  4. Hi Colin. Thanks for introducing yourself outside the hotel on Sunday morning. That chance encounter resulted in an enjoyable day’s flying and socialising, rather than just a boring drive home. Thanks to all your group for welcoming a “foreigner” (I prefer “northerner”!!) to your gathering and for providing excellent banter throughout the day. I hope to see you on the Orme again sometime.
    Cheers, Jack

    1. Dave, I know you will be keen to fly your new plane on every possible occasion but please try not to break it too much until I have seen it fly, or at least take lots of lovely videos. ta