RAF 100th Anniversary

My newly refurbished Sandpiper (formerly ‘The Green Thing’) flew for the first time on Sunday April 1st 2018 – the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force. Hence the commemorative RAF roundel!

Thanks must go to Barry who assisted in the take-off by holding down the rear of the Sandpiper so that the nose wheel didn’t dig in to the very wet grass.

The ‘A’ Team

The club ‘A’ team met up the field on Sunday 24th September to be awarded their ‘A’ certificates by the club Safety Officer, Adrian Howley.

Anthony Cundy, Colin Watkins, Barry Twilton and Mel Jones all looked suitably pleased with their shiny new certificates, although Barry’s seems to have gone AWOL for some reason!

Congratulations to those who suffered enormous stress and pressure whilst enduring hours of practice over the months before the test, never mind the relentless micky taking!

At least now we can get back to ‘normal’ flying!








BMFA Documents

Adrian has asked me to make these available to members:

BMFA – ‘A’ test Powerpoint Presentation

BMFA – AS Handbook 2017

Fixed Wing Power Certificates 2017


These are ‘PDF’ or ‘PPT’ files. You may need the appropriate reader on your system to view them.


These and similar documents now have a permanent home under the Documents and Training Manuals link on the Main Blog page so they can always be found easily.me

First Aerial Flight

I have often wondered what views could be seen from my glider when at it’s highest point. Mystery solved – Chris very kindly lent me his Mobius camera to kill my curiosity.

After a couple of inches of Velcro were applied to my wing Chris stuck the Mobius on and launched the all-seeing Phoenix into the cloudy sky.

After a safe landing it was front row at the movies as Chris played back the recording.  Brilliant..!

I ordered my new Mobius today  🙂

You may notice at the start of the recording a lone FlyingWing under the control of Mel.  This craft was also seen buzzing the Phoenix on it’s final approach.  Some people will do anything to get on the telly…

Sky Arrow

Some of you might remember that some weeks ago Mel told us of a lady, Rose Meredith,  whose husband had died and left a houseful of assorted RC models and equipment that she was trying to dispose of. One of the models caught my eye and I made contact with Rose through Mel and eventually bought the model and some other bits and pieces. The model was a Hacker ‘Sky Arrow 650’. It’s a semi scale copy of a two seater microlite. Some of you might have seen it flying recently.SkyArrowandMe

I sent this photo of me and the Sky Arrow to Rose to let her know that the model had flown at least once!





She very kindly replied, thanking me for the photo and sending best wishes to the Club for Christmas and New Year.


This is a cRoseLetteropy of her card:-