RAF 100th Anniversary

My newly refurbished Sandpiper (formerly ‘The Green Thing’) flew for the first time on Sunday April 1st 2018 – the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force. Hence the commemorative RAF roundel!

Thanks must go to Barry who assisted in the take-off by holding down the rear of the Sandpiper so that the nose wheel didn’t dig in to the very wet grass.

New Year – New Project!

At first sight this might look like a portable wind break – but it isn’t!
It’s actually Barry’s new slope project – a big delta winged glider made from sheets of plywood! Ask Barry for details!

Barry flew it for the first time off a bungy (or is that bungee?) at the field last Sunday (14/01/18)
Barry said after the attempt that the CoG needs adjusting! Good luck Barry!

Let’s hope this is the first of many new projects for 2018!

Slightly late – Happy New Year!



Radian Getaway, 24th September 2017.

It’s great being a member of the SFMC, and thanks to all those Club Officers who make it work so well. However, in spite of my son Julian’s encouragement, and everyone else’s, am sure I don’t really have any native talent for model flying, unless it flies very slowly indeed. This was, I think, well proved when I took over my Radian from Julian on Sunday 24th Sept. 8^)

The video says it all, and it only remains to thank again Adrian, Colin and the other chap (whose name, alas, I have forgotten), for spending an hour recovering the plane, including dealing with many cows, and indeed a large bull who came to investigate the people he thought were interfering with his harem.

See you on the next very calm day. 8^)

Best wishes to all, Norman.

The ‘A’ Team

The club ‘A’ team met up the field on Sunday 24th September to be awarded their ‘A’ certificates by the club Safety Officer, Adrian Howley.

Anthony Cundy, Colin Watkins, Barry Twilton and Mel Jones all looked suitably pleased with their shiny new certificates, although Barry’s seems to have gone AWOL for some reason!

Congratulations to those who suffered enormous stress and pressure whilst enduring hours of practice over the months before the test, never mind the relentless micky taking!

At least now we can get back to ‘normal’ flying!








Return of an Old Friend

It’s a good feeling when one meets an old friend who left under difficult circumstances.

Nothing illustrates this better than the look on ‘A’ Dave’s face when he collected the Radion he thought he had lost forever the week before.

The smile says it all!

Apparently it had been dumped on Farmer Dave’s doorstep by another farmer who had spotted it in one of his fields. Farmers seem to have better eyesight than modellers, although those funny flip-up sun shades don’t help!

It’s broken! Look!
It’ll polish out!

Mel had to point out that the Radion had suffered some minor damage, but that didn’t spoil ‘A’ Dave’s excitement!