A Game Of 2 Halves

This last weekend Mel and Adrian organised a trip to the Great Orme in Llandudno for a bit of slope soaring.

As novice soarers, Scott and I joined the trip to get some flying hours in, although we would be going only for the Saturday and Sunday where Adrian and Mel stayed for an extra day.

The weekend certainly was a game of 2 halves. Saturday after sitting on the M6 for rather longer than anyone would want to, we arrived to find a wind swept Mel and Adrian enjoying themselves on the Orme. This was one of the new planes that Scott and I bought, the Wraith (mine didn’t fare so well)

but then as the weather closed in a little we headed back to the B&B for the night


The next day the wind was very light from the south east, we went up the mountain, but there just wasn’t enough wind to fly anything really, certainly not novices like me.


We will leave it to Colin to describe what he is doing here


Mr Adrian did explore the area with his bird of time trying to find any lift. Keeping with the post this is also in 2 halves…

But didn’t find any.

So we found something else to do:

All in all a good weekend, so thank you to Mr Adrian and Mr Mel for organising the trip and thanks to Scott and Colin for making it such a fun weekend.

3 thoughts on “A Game Of 2 Halves”

  1. Chris, thanks for putting your videos onto the blog.
    Monday was better for flying, we flew from the ski slope site, NE wind loads of lift in front of the slope but quite bad turbulence behind which made landing a bit tricky.
    Thanks to everyone who came, I thought it was an enjoyable weekend and am looking forward to the next one.

  2. Absolutely brilliant weekend chaps, thanks to you all for making it such a fantastic experience, and for waiting for me going up the hills lol.
    The sport brolly proved very useful on the Saturday, well chuffed with how that worked.
    Special thanks to Mr Chris for taking me and loaning me his transmitter when mine broke 🙂

    When we going again then chaps?