Norman and Junior.

Well it was Norman’s Junior (plane not son) but Adrian did the flying. A beautiful old style plane from the pioneer flying days. High dihedral, beautiful paint job, big open field landing gear, and a beautiful (but fake) single cylinder head through the top of the fuselage, it can’t help but evoke some emotion in any flier. Thanks to some fantastic flying by Adrian making some very close passes to the quad, frankly scaring the b-jesus out of me (the wide angle lens doesn’t quite show how close it seemed from the ground) there are some lovely shots of it from the air. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that it is starting to rain, this was the last flight of the day.


Thank you very much to both Adrian and Norman.

On a technical side, the change of props and tweeks of the control software has stabilised this a lot, I have also run this through some deshake software just to take the rest of the Jello and bit of vibration out of this. (The original video without being run through the deshake software can be seen here if anyone is interested:


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