living wings

Thanks to Barry for organizing and everyone who was at Pole Cottage yesterday.

Highlights of an excellent day.

Barry’s huge living wings glider.

Full sized gliders dodging about under Colin’s wildthing.

Mel’s silly grin after the maiden flight of his Sunbird.

Tracy and Scott’s many and varied collection of planes, a few quite suitable for the slope !

And I got home in plenty of time to see Portugal’s second goal. And without any real mending !

Thanks again


8 thoughts on “living wings”

  1. Yes it was a good day out, the lack of lift was a challenge for those of us with smaller models, on the other hand it was nice to be able to fly in shirt sleeves without being blown off your feet.
    The Sunbird is nice to fly, but I need more air time with it and learn how to fly it better, my thanks to the heather for saving it from damage after a couple of dodgy landings.

  2. Great day!
    Thanks to all who made it such fun!
    As Mel said, the lack of lift was a challenge. On many attempted flights I walked further than the Wildthing flew!