3…2…1… Launch!

First test launch of the rocket glider.


OK, the wind has moved round a bit, so move round, change the angle of launch, change the position of the rocket motor slightly on the glider.


Hmmm, still needs a little something.

8 thoughts on “3…2…1… Launch!”

  1. I figured it out once I got home, when I built it I was more worried about the COG and forgot where you need to balance a rocket.
    Basically I should have balanced it on the thrust line too 🙁

    So have 2 choices now, re-build much lighter, or add weight and balance this one… only problem with that is it wouldn’t get very far with all the weight, so looks like a re-build at the mo 🙂

  2. Mark II ready for testing… hopefully this weekend.
    Couldn’t balance it totally loads better than Mark I though, and it’s a little heavy, but should be good enough to prove proof of concept, if it works should easily be able to rebuild it much lighter 🙂

      1. Yes, i’ll be adding it to the plans for you if it works 🙂

        And if it doesn’t work then we can have some fun and design something completely new 😉