The Long Mynd

Barry and I went on a day trip to the Long Mynd to try slope soaring from the Pole Cottage site.

It was extremely windy, XC Weather says it was 29 to 38 mph, it was also quite cold, but we gave it a go.

The video is record of one of my flights, it is quite short mainly due to me loosing my hat to the wind just as I launched and as I said it was cold.

4 thoughts on “The Long Mynd”

  1. Looks like fun Mel. What is the trick you are doing at 2:08 ?
    What was the travelling like ?
    I would have joined you but it was mom’s 98th birthday.

    1. Scott, Barry did the driving we used the M54, it took about 1.5 hrs we had no delay going there, it is about 60 miles.
      The road onto the Mynd itself is single track and quite steep, there are lots of passing places.
      Next time I go I`ll let you know.