The Llandudno Flyers

A small group of intrepid SMFC flyers ventured up the Great Orme, Llandudno over the weekend of 11th /12th April to try some slope soaring. One intrepid biker (me!) followed to keep an eye on them and learn how to soar on the slope!

Day 1 (for me!) was to be Sunday 12th when I was told that many flyers would be there with a eclectic assortment of slope soaring craft. I got there at 14:30 to see what was going on –

Up_the_Orme_April_2015 (3)


So – not much happening then!

Apparently the word had gone around that it was too wet and windy for the intrepid flyers. Winds had been measured at over 100mph – and it was raining!

So, I set a satnav route to my hotel and set off. Got to the hotel and removed my soaking bike gear and had a shower.

The band of SMFC flyers eventually got in touch that evening thanks to some sterling work by Campervan Dave who apparently hacked in to Adrian’s phone and found my mobile number! The wonders of modern technology. (Or is that just extremely lack security on the part of Adrian?)

So – at the planning meeting that evening it was decided that the following day would be much better. Thanks again to Campervan  Dave and his weather forecasting phone! Sustenance was taken and everyone eagerly looked forward to the morning.

The next day, Monday 13th April, I went back up the Orme and met a couple who seemed intent on flying something-

Up_the_Orme_April_2015 (4)

The weather, as predicted by Campervan Dave, was much better. In fact it was so calm at one stage that many thought sloping would be impossible-

Up_the_Orme_April_2015 (5)

To cut what could be a long story a bit shorter, it turned out to be a great day. Much flying and retrieving was done and the weather stayed fair. The wind did increase during the day. In fact some saw fit to wear eye protection-

Up_the_Orme_April_2015 (20)


Others, despite their apparent skills with a phone,  were still trying to work out what to do with a transmitter-

Up_the_Orme_April_2015 (14) Up_the_Orme_April_2015 (13)

There were some near misses – a stone wall will have to be rebuilt after Adrian ran through to retrieve a model-

Up_the_Orme_April_2015 (19)

Some spent every available moment sloping!

Up_the_Orme_April_2015 (17)

Others just wandered about aimlessly-

Up_the_Orme_April_2015 (22) Up_the_Orme_April_2015 (21)




Up_the_Orme_April_2015 (12) Up_the_Orme_April_2015 (15)

All in all it was a great day! My thanks to all who helped make it so! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

5 thoughts on “The Llandudno Flyers”

  1. Thanks for the photos Colin. And thanks to Willie Winkie for organising the trip. Hope Mel is better soon. Flying on Tuesday was windier than Sunday evening but not quite as windy as Monday afternoon. Most I measured was 35mph but it was mostly about 20mph dropping off a bit on Tuesday evening. Good few days though. Shame about the hotel.