Seaplanes in Scotland

Maiden flight of Polaris ( Thanks John ) in and above Loch Lochinvar. Wind onshore. A bit choppy. Didn’t need rescue boat ! Second flight a bit later in and above Loch Ken. Still no need for rescue boat. Tried to add videos but they are too large.

Lovely place to fly.P1020581 P1020582 P1020583 P1020584 P1020585 P1020590 P1020591 P1020592 P1020593P1020593


Updated by Chris to put the video’s into the post (just paste the youtube URL, the blog will do the rest, but it doesn’t work in comments sorry)


6 thoughts on “Seaplanes in Scotland”

    1. Looks like you had a great time, and no need for boat or harpoon (or explosives)

      The youtube links do need to be in the main post, they don’t work the same in the comments, I’ve edited your post and put these links into it, exactly as you have done here, but just in the main post body

    2. Robert, Ye of little faith, thanks for putting up the videos I enjoyed watching them, pity Scotland is so far away I`d like to give it a try, but first find a suitable site nearer to home.