Pole Cottage

Another good day at Pole Cottage yesterday. Some good flying then a shower. The locals and some of our party went home. The rest flew for another very pleasant hour and a half until another heavy shower. Went and packed our planes away in the van but then the rain stopped. Went back to the slope with just tx and venom. Planned to fly it really high and land back in car park. But wind had dropped to not much so just colined about for half an hour. Much sillier than Colin, pushed out much further and walked a long way down the hill.
Good day. Thanks everyone. Robert

living wings

Thanks to Barry for organizing and everyone who was at Pole Cottage yesterday.

Highlights of an excellent day.

Barry’s huge living wings glider.

Full sized gliders dodging about under Colin’s wildthing.

Mel’s silly grin after the maiden flight of his Sunbird.

Tracy and Scott’s many and varied collection of planes, a few quite suitable for the slope !

And I got home in plenty of time to see Portugal’s second goal. And without any real mending !

Thanks again


Seaplanes in Scotland

Maiden flight of Polaris ( Thanks John ) in and above Loch Lochinvar. Wind onshore. A bit choppy. Didn’t need rescue boat ! Second flight a bit later in and above Loch Ken. Still no need for rescue boat. Tried to add videos but they are too large.

Lovely place to fly.P1020581 P1020582 P1020583 P1020584 P1020585 P1020590 P1020591 P1020592 P1020593P1020593


Updated by Chris to put the video’s into the post (just paste the youtube URL, the blog will do the rest, but it doesn’t work in comments sorry)


Thanks Mel

Thanks for all the excellent launches today Mel.

We had a good day at Burton Dassett. Mel Launched the Half Pipe and the Strega and the Precious. All really heavy ! And they were such good launches that nothing was broken. (No need to tell Barry that the Strega is flying again).

Launched the Alula Trek myself. Not very heavy !


Towhooks and COG and Mel


I found this.

It comes from this thread.


Since it is an adjustable tow hook, you don’t even have to worry about where it goes as long as you are more or less centered on the CG. That is precisely due to the fact that your cg, and your tow hook location are not actually related. Whereever you put your tow hook becomes the CG during a launch. In other words, even if your tow hook is one inch behind the CG (Say you balanced your Supra at 90mm from the LE, and the suggested location is around 104mm) If you mounted the tow hook at 104, as long as that is not behind the wings center of pressure, you will get a nice clean stable launch. The tow hook location is the CG during launch. Also, true would be if you had an unflyable CG due to all of your nose weight falling out, your launch would still go fine while under tension. As soon as tension is relaxed or released you would have an unflyable or way tail heavy glider on your hands.

So, use the suggested CG as a guide, center your hook box on that point, install, fly, and adjust. Nothing to it.

Good luck