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Graupner Glider

Tony Cundy, an SMFC member for some years, has offered some spares, props and other bits and pieces to the club for any member who wants them. I will bring the collection of bits and pieces to the field over the next couple of weeks.

Of particular interest are two gliders.

The first is a yellow Graupner with a 3m wingspan. It has a plastic fuselage and balsa built up wings. It is complete and covered, but needs servos, radio and a battery. Someone has started a conversion from pure glider to a motorised glider although there is no motor. It is 2 channel ( plus a third if a motor is used.) There is a set of plans.

The second is a 4m Algebra kit. The box has been opened but nothing has been assembled. The wings are veneered foam and the rest is balsa. It looks as though all the components areĀ  in the box but it hasn't been checked. There is a full set of plans.


I have done some more research on this model! It was produced by a company called 'Edmonds Model Products (EMP)' which was set up by a gentleman called Dick Edmonds who unfortunately died in 2017.

Dick was well respected in the British Association of Radio Controlled Soarers (BARCS) and developed the Algebra kit from a design by Sean Bannister, the original designer of the Algebra.

The kit contains a 'plastic' (GRP?) fuselage not a built up balsa one as I originally stated in this posting.

I have added a photo of one of the plans which are part of the kit. I've also added an old advertisement which gives a clue as to the shape of the finished model. As you can see there appears to be a number of variations. According to the documentation this kit can be built as either a 3m of 4m version.


10/7/21 The Algebra kit is currently not available pending further investigations as to its historical significance.


If you are interested in either of these gliders - get in touch!


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