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Dedication! 6.6.21

There are no lengths to which the modern, dedicated model flyers will not go to satisfy their need to get their models in the air!

At crack of dawn today, about 08:00, I looked out of the window at home to check the weather! It was raining!

My first thought was to abandon flying for the day. That might suggest that I'm not in the 'dedicated model flyer' category, but read on!

As I was gathering my thoughts, the rain seemed to slow and even came to a stop! Gradually a new plan formed! I would go to the field if only to avoid being put in the 'non-dedicated model flyers' group!

In order to ensure it didn't rain again, I didn't take any sandwiches! Fate would surely keep the rain off to make sure I regretted that decision!

However, fate started to play her hand as I drove to the field. For two minutes the rain smashed against the windscreen. I would have turned around and gone home were it not for the fact that I was on a dual carriageway. By the time I had exited from the dual carriageway the rain had stopped! I continued to the field.

On arrival, there were others who had braved the elements. The heavy clouds around the field seemed to suggest that we had all made a slight mistake. However, there was no rain even though our cheery conversation gave plenty of time for it to arrive.

We prepared the field and our models and at least four of us managed to get some flying done. A fifth person arrived and joined in the conversation which was mainly about the weather. John them prepared his model and walked to the take off strip! I blame him for what happened next! As he was about to launch his model, the heavens opened and heavy raindrops crashed to the ground. By the time he had walked back to the parking area, unflown model in hand, he was very wet, as was anyone else who was caught out in it!Dedicated or What?

Initially we sat on the open rear hatchbacks of our cars, but gradually it dawned that the rain wasn't going away in a hurry so we protected our models, mainly by dismantling them, and then sat in our cars and closed the doors.

There we remained for what seemed like a long time. It must have been at least twenty minutes, maybe more, before the rain dropped to a level where we could contemplate going outside to talk to colleagues.

This is where I clearly made a decision as to which side of the 'dedicated' line I was on. I suggested that I was going home. I was happy enough to help put the fence up if others were going home, but if anyone was staying then I would leave them to it.

After some discussion we decided to put the fence up. I then bid farewell and high tailed it for home, thinking that all the others would soon follow.

However, as I left I saw that Mel got a chair out of the back of his car and sat down in it! Was he hoping for better things? He was beginning to show which side of the 'dedicated' line he was on!

I got home to be told that it had been raining all morning since I left to go to the field! I felt as though I had made the right decision and no one could even suggest that I was in the 'non dedicated' group!

However, nearly three hours after I left there was a WhatsApp messageĀ from Mel who informed the group that he was still at the field and the weather was warm with no wind! Interestingly enough, he didn't mention rain, but he has made a clear case for being in the 'dedicated model flyers' group. As part of the message he attached aphoto which appears to be John walking back from the take off area under blue sky with a model in hand ! He must also be in the 'dedicated model flyers' group. I take my hat off to them!



A nice warm bath in corrosion-x with your tx.