Slow Circle

Continuing to work on the quadcopter with Multi-Wii Pro board I added a bluetooth module to it


and used the android application EZ-Gui Ground to communicate and upload the waypoints for a misson


Starting with a simple circle of the field. This was uploaded to quad, the quad taken off and then the mission activated the quad then made its own way round the waypoints programmed as you can see from the video below:

At the end of the video you can see Scott’s Corsair, then the quad way landed manually.


4 thoughts on “Slow Circle”

    1. Thank you, yes. I’m not sure how accurate it is though. There are several options for the waypoints, including the altitude, set heading at waypoint, position hold, return to home, ‘jump’ and ‘set poi’. Although I don’t know what the last 2 are, yet.