For a while now I have been looking for something to use to hold parts in place during a build.

I have used old batteries, baked bean tins etc in the past, but now I have found these.


1lb 1

1lb 2

They are cast iron each 1lb in weight, they can be stacked if more pressure is needed to hold something.

The cost was £0.30 each, but delivery was over £5.00, so I would suggest that if you want to buy some of these then try and find someone to share the delivery cost, I think you can buy quite a few of them before this cost goes up.


The link above is where to find them, you will need to copy and paste it, I haven`t found how to post a live link.


5 thoughts on “Weights”

  1. Mel
    Good idea. I am going to get some but I will wait a day or two in case anyone else wants to share postage.
    I notice that you put the weights straight on top of the spar. I usually use a steel rule or two to distribute the load. Don’t know whether it’s necessary.
    Is it an M60 ?

    1. I put the weights there just to show how they might be used.
      Yes an M60 it is, well spotted. I got hold of one last week, T9 finally got some stock in.
      Any tips on the build would be nice.

  2. Mel
    Someone asking for building tips from me !
    I built the wings as per the instructions and they never let me down until the final watery grave. When I make the next one I will make sure that I can change the wings servos easily. Last time I soldered the wires and didn’t leave much slack. Extension leads are better. Next time I will put the ballast tubes in. Doesn’t matter for general flying but helps in a race situation.
    I made a few changes building the fuz. I used AA batteries shoved as far forward as possible and less nose weight. Ended up with a lighter plane. I will do this again.
    I changed the supplied fibreglass spar for a carbon one. A mistake. No give.
    Next time I wont glue the fuz spar into the fuz. I don’t think gluing adds much strength and it makes it very hard to replace if it breaks.