Venturing into rotary wing flight.

Always wanting to try something new in this wonderful hobby I decided to get myself a Durafly auto G2 and try flying an autogyro.

First I tried to find as many reviews and comments from people who had already flown one, the general consensus was easy to fly as long as there is a nice gentle wind and you don’t make any sharp turns.

I also found out that spinning up the main rotor can strip the gears if put on a switch, so decided to put mine on the dial so it can be ran up gently, this also had the added bonus that I didn’t have to wait for the wind to run the rotor up to full speed.

Thanks to Mr Chris we can witness the first flight in the attached video.

Have to admit taking it nice and steady it was very easy to fly, landing was the only problem as the wind kept dropping off then picking up so had to spin up the main rotor again not a good idea in the middle of a final approach. Lesson learned though should fly much better with a gentle breeze.

Spare rotor blades are on there way, looking forward to trying again 🙂

5 thoughts on “Venturing into rotary wing flight.”

  1. Very nice Mr Scott,
    I was super impressed with how well it took off and flew, and how little you seemed to need to trim it out. Particularly after all the comments in the club of how hard they are to fly.
    A real shame about the landing, but next time will be better

  2. Scott, I have seen three of these models now and all but yours just didn`t fly, so it was nice to see yours take off and fly so well, you made it look quite effortless.

    Chris your new gimbal seems to work a treat.

    1. Scott
      Only just seen the video. Very good.
      I have got the identical thing in a box. It’s a long way down my things to fly list. If you want any of the bits for spares you are very welcome.
      Let me know.

  3. Thank you all very much for the kind comments, I’ll certainly be flying it again 🙂

    And thank you for the offer Robert but I already have some spares on their way, you need to bump it up your list and get flying it I recon, the starter motor for the main rotor makes it much easier to spin up and gives you one less thing to worry about when you fly it.