Two Mynds!

MyndAfter thinking that slope soaring was difficult because getting to the slope was time consuming, I find that I have been tempted up the Long Mynd twice in a week!



The same hard core of intrepid soarers from SMFC that tempted me up the Orme (In my last posting!) also tempted me up the Long Mynd.





WhatOn the first visit, Friday 22nd May, the slope was shared with a rather large group of other soarers with some rather large gliders.

Although at times there was some uncertainty as to what they were doing up the Mynd!



planesMel2The SMFC corner was well guarded by Mel, who took the opportunity to reprogram his transmitter.





It wasn’t only Mel who needed to make adjustments-d2





Adrian decided that the half brick he had inserted into the nose of his Sabre which he bought at an (WI?) auction was a bit much.sabre2

However, despite many efforts to get it airborne it was determined to return to earth in a most un-Sabre like way.








On the next visit to the Mynd (28th May) the weather wasn’t quite so bright, but the wind was stronger, which is good apparently, and there weren’t as many people up the slope. However, there were many more full sized gliders in the air, as the Midlands Gliding Club further along the ridge was having a Vintage Glider Club Rally. At one stage there were 12 gliders in the air at the same time. Quite a sight.
Not to be outdone, Adrian decided to take out another house brick from the front of his Sabre, and with another sturdy launch from Campervan Dave it actually stayed up in the air!P1020782 It flew very well and looked great in the sky!Flying Sabre



I don’t know what the gliders from the Midland gliding club thought about it, but they seemed reluctant to come near after it flew!

Flying conditions stayed good, although the wind was quite cool at times. Much soaring was done, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I certainly did! Thanks to all who helped make both trips such fun!

P1020790 P1020786


4 thoughts on “Two Mynds!”

  1. Colin, nice report, very professionally done.
    Glad you enjoyed it, I`m thinking it`s maybe time for you to buy a model for the slope.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Colin

    Excellent report and splendid pictures from two great days’ slope flying! Many thanks.

    Get yourself a slope plane so you can join in the fun – on second thoughts, no, you won’t have time now that you’re club official reporter and photographer.


  3. Colin
    Great pictures, however one criticism, a small amount of air brushing to lower my hair line would be appreciated.
    Despite that it was a great 2 days and your contribution with the photos will leave us with some good memories.