The Phantom streamer nicker of old Tanworth Lane

Adding a streamer onto the tail of your plane can be loads of fun, so I thought it would be the perfect time to test my new Mobius camera.

Now I’d heard a rumour about a pilot called “The Phantom streamer nicker of old Tanworth Lane” so I attached a small streamer to try and lure him out.

Sit back, switch to big screen and put the playback settings on 1080HD, enjoy 🙂

Could have sworn I saw something buzzing around then, maybe a bigger streamer would help 😉

So let these videos be a cautionary tale to anyone who flys with a streamer, he is out there somewhere,



will your streamer be next?



5 thoughts on “The Phantom streamer nicker of old Tanworth Lane”

      1. Streamers are always loads of fun 🙂
        I’ll bring more with me next time maybe have a few more of us flying about with streamers on, should make for some fun video’s.

    1. Have to admit I was very impressed with the quality of the video myself, and that was with it being a bit shaky in the wind too.
      It has the added bonus of plugging straight into my FPV set up as well 🙂