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New Covid-19 Guidelines (Sept 2020)

The following email was sent to all members on 15th September 2020:


The BMFA has issued guidelines for model flying after the Government restrictions come in to force on 14th September.

The full advice is available at :

The key details are copied at the bottom of this text.

As from 14th September 2020, Solihull Model Flying Club will be adhering to the BMFA advice. This will require members to follow these SMFC guidlines:

1. If you decide to go to the flying field, you must report to the ‘Track & Trace Coordinator’ on arrival.

2. The Track & Trace Coordinator will be the Club Secretary (Colin Watkins) if he is there. Otherwise report to any Committee member. If there are no committee members present then you should make a list of those present and email or text this list with the date of the flying session to the Club Secretary.

3. If you are the seventh person to arrive at the field you must park well away from the first group of six. Subsequent arrivals should create a second group of six. There should be no mixing between the groups of six.

4. There should not be more than six members flying at any one time. If members from different ‘groups of six’ fly at the same time they should not mix at the flying strip.

5. All members are responsible for their own sanitation strategies. Assume that nothing is sanitised.

6. All members should maintain social distancing from other members even within their ‘group of six’.

7. If at any time you suffer Covid-19 symptoms you must contact the ‘Track & Trace’ coordinator with the date when these symptoms appeared.

8. If you do not agree to abide by these or the BMFA guidelines Please do not come to the flying field.

Colin Watkins

SMFC Secretary.


BMFA - Guidance for Model Flyers and Individuals involved in Model Flying

1. If you or anyone in your household has any of the symptoms of COVID-19 you must stay at home. The main symptoms are:
- A high temperature.
- A new continuous cough.
- A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

2. You must also stay at home if you have experienced COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days, have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14-days, or have had contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 case.

3. The effects of the COVID-19 virus are most serious in men over the age of 60, especially those with other underlying health problems. If you fall into this category, we would urge careful consideration before venturing out and risking any potential exposure to the virus, however small the risk may be.

4. Only travel to the flying site on your own or with members of your household.

5. Only travel based on what is permitted by current government guidelines.

6. On arrival and departure ensure you register with the club’s track and trace process.

7. At the flying site only mix with members of your household or up to 5 people outside your household but stick to social distancing guidelines.

8. Do not mix with any other individuals present outside of your group of 6 (bubble) at any time.

9. Always carry and use hand sanitiser as part of your model flying equipment.

10. Use hand sanitiser before and after making contact with any shared surfaces or equipment.

11. Consider when the use of face masks for added protection is appropriate.

12. If you become ill with any of the recognised COVID-19 symptoms (while onsite or within 10 days afterwards) contact your club track and trace co-ordinator immediately

We remain in the midst of a pandemic. The situation is dynamic and current Government advice must be followed.

If in any doubt, please stay at home!