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Lidl Glider and the FS-iA6B receiver.

Last Wednesday I managed to get my heavily modified Lidl glider up to the field. It has taken me too long to get to this stage, but better late than never!

The first task was to do a range check. The receiver I was using had been used extensively in other models but recently I had replaced the aerial which had shown signs of damage. I was glad that I did a range check as it turned out to be very poor! Ultimately I found that the new aerial wasn't making proper connection with the Rx PCB.

Fortunately I had just done a range check on my new receiver from FlySky - the FS-iA6B (details in the 'Radio Equipment' section!) which turned out to be very good. So being the enterprising flyer I am , I set about installing the FS-iA6B in to the Lidl glider in place of the Rx which had very limited range! Another range check showed that the FS-iA6B was working well.

The Lidl glider actually flew pretty well! There are so many modifications to it that could have gone badly, but it flew and I had reasonable control over it! There are still some modifications and trim changes that need to happen, but the future looks rosy for the little Lidl glider!

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Sunday 15th August - The second session with the Lidl glider!

I had adjusted the CoG, properly installed the Rx and re-engineered the strap holding the battery in place so I was looking forward to some interesting flying.
I launched the Lidl and it climbed steadily and everything looked rosy. However I let it fly too far and lost orientation. Instead of closing the throttle and centering the controls I opened the throttle and tried to climb out of trouble! It nose dived into the ground in the next field! Mike the safety officer helped me pick up the pieces! And so ended flying for the Lidl! It looks as though it can be repaired, but it's a great shame that I have to!