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Flaps and motor on same stick

When flying a motor glider that also has flaps, it is nice to have full control of both motor and flaps on the same stick, so we can for example use the throttle stick to control motor speed during launch and climbing, then use the same throttle stick to control the amount of flap during landing. However we must not have a situation where both motor and flap work at the same time, here is my solution for Taranis users.

Here I am using Logic switch 01 to detect the position of the throttle stick, this will set if the value of the throttle channel is below -95.

I will use switch SC to switch between motor and flap, logic switches 02 & 03 monitor the "up" position of SC.

Logic switch 04 is what Open TX calls a "sticky switch", and is set when SC is in the "up" position and the throttle channel is at -95 (stick down). The motor channel 3 is now active until "sticky switch" 04 is reset, which is done by moving SC "down"

I have repeated this for the flap channels 6 & 8, using logic switches 05, 06, 07 & 08, logic switch 08 being the "sticky switch".

So we must now use switch SC to select either motor or flap and move the throttle stick to fully down to activate the required function, but there is a problem, if SC is changed while the throttle stick is half open the we will get both motor and flap active at the same time.

To correct this I used logic switch 09 to monitor the state of the two "sticky switches", if neither of these is set then 09 will shut down channels 3 , 6, & 8, so no motor or flap can be used until the throttle stick is moved to the safe fully down position.

For those of you who wish to use flap with the throttle stick starting in the fully up position then simply change the sign of the throttle value.

The images below are screen prints of my programming using Open TX.

Hope this makes sense, any questions then please ask.




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