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Dodgy Motor!

I had been holding off flying my Easystreet 2 for some time, mainly because I didn't have a lot of luck with the first version I had and I'm nervous about damaging this one.

However, I have now taken it to the field and flown it!

The first session ended when the elevator linkage came apart and after a clean take off the Easystreet  gradually lost height even though I was applying what I thought was full up elevator. It came down some yards from the take off strip at quite high speed and ripped the undercarriage off!

After a relatively easy repair I took it for its second session.

The first flight was straightforward and I managed to trim the plane so that I was happy with it. After a soothing cup of tea I tried to fly it again.

It climbed true and fast and I was beginning to enjoy its dynamic response to the controls, when there was a strange thudding noise from the plane and it lost all motive power. I still had control over it and managed to get it down without any damage, although it didn't look pretty!

A quick investigation showed that the motor was jammed! I could just about turn it but something mechanical wasn't right! Flying was abandoned for the day!

Back in the MRF (Model Repair Facility - or 'garage' as it's more commonly known!) I removed the motor and had a good look at it. It wasn't long before I saw that three of the magnets which should have been permanently attached to the shell of the motor were loose! I could pull one of them out through the rear of the motor! There was no sign of any bonding material on this magnet so I guess that whatever they use to bond the magnets to the casing simple didn't bond to this magnet!

The motor has only made four flights since it was new and it failed on the fourth flight!  The annoying thing is that I bought it some time ago and haven't used it for a few months. I found the details of who I bought it from but I couldn't find anything about the guarantee!

However, I have emailed the seller with the full story. I'll let you know what happens!


The company which I bought the motor from was Airtek Hobbies of Holmfirth West Yorkshire.

They accepted my description of events without question and told me they would replace the motor under warranty.

I posted the broken motor back to them last Thursday by second class post.

This morning a new replacement motor arrived! I have already tested it and installed it in the Easystreet ready for a test flight tomorrow, weather permitting!

I am very impressed with the service I got from Airtek Hobbies ( ) and can thoroughly recommend them as a good company to do business with. Pass it on to anyone who will listen!