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Bloody Wonder Maiden.

After Scott's sterling effort to make the Bloody Wonder out of foam-board and Uhu, it was my responsibility to check it out and see if it would fly.

So on Sunday 21/6/2020 I took it to the field full of eager anticipation. The weather was very windy and being a coward I asked Adrian to pilot it for its maiden flight. I also asked Gordon to video the proceeding. Here is the result:

The Bloody Wonder Maiden

Next time I might try flying it myself!

Stirling work there chaps, great launching, flying and video ing.

It's quite a fun plane to fly, and seemed to stand up quite well despite the lack of hot glue.

Looking forward to seeing some more soon.

Great camera work Gordon, launching and editing Colin and building, Scott!

Colin - you get to fly it on Wednesday! After we've cut the grass. Oh I forgot it's got no wheels.

Scott - The Lanc's next!!