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I know!

It's no use creating a 'Secretary's Ramblings' section and then not posting anything!

I have a number of excuses but I won't bore you with all of them now.

Suffice to say that I've got a project which is taking over my modelling life leaving little time for anything else! It's those blasted Lidl gliders! When I'm not actually working on it I keep coming up with a new idea about how to do something! There's not going to much of it left if I don't stop thinking and actually finish it!

I've also got a clash of hobbies to deal with! My wife is much more interested in motor-homing than RC models. In fact she has no interest in RC models at all! So I have to go motor-homing once in a while! Oh! The stress!

There are still some items available from the things that Tony donated to the club! Get in touch if you are interested.

I'll finish this little bit of rambling by saying that I've found a low cost receiver that might be useful for some. Details in the 'Radio Equipment' section of the forum! Let me know what you think!