Riot goes FPV

Following the development of a new fuselage over the winter and the addition of a camera and transmitter, the Riot has now gained a Eagle Tree Vector control unit and GPS/compass. So for those interested in this technology and to demonstrate my inability to fly in straight lines I have attached some data outputs from the Vector. The circling on the right of the Google screen dump is the plane in loiter mode whilst I took off my head set (cardboard box with LCD screen fitted) and put on my glasses  so I could land, a little more practice is required before landing in FPV…

20160414_103721 Google Maps 13_04_16 Data 13_04_16

Note: all data in English Units

A key learning point from the day was the criticality of wing incidence, my Riot was not the easiest of plane to fly which I thought was due to the CoG being 15mm further back than the maximum recommended in the in the Riot manual. So I moved this forward for the first flight of the day and it made negligible difference, so I tried packing the trailing edge, this made it worse still, so I put the CoG back to my original setting and packed the leading edge of the wings by 4mm and this transformed the characteristics for the better.

5 thoughts on “Riot goes FPV”

  1. Who says a circuit has to be in straight lines… PCB’s go all over the place…

    A little more practice is required to smooth out some of the turns and maybe I could write my name, but it would require me doing ‘joined up writing’

    P.S. it was a left hand circuit on loiter, an initial right turn after throwing the switch that marked the centre.