Rescue boat sees action

Today, the model aircraft rescue boat was called into action for the first time!

After a distress call from Adrian`s Catalina the rescue boat was quickly deployed and sent on it`s way.

Rescue boat launch (800x451)

We have just received amateur footage from a distressed on looker who used a mobile phone to capture some dramatic video which shows the moment the rescue boat returned to shore after completing it`s successful mission, (pity about the giant finger but I did use the term amateur).

Another on the spot story, brought to you by our on the spot reporter.

3 thoughts on “Rescue boat sees action”

  1. Thank goodness the reporter didn’t notice the unfortunate coming together of Robert’s Polaris and a huge tree on the bank. Or the subsequent rescue of the Polaris from the bushes in the water under the tree. Or the discovery that the idiot in charge of the rescue boat had somehow got his rudder reversed.