Long Mynd Reservoir Site

Barry and me visited a new flying site on the Long Mynd, as the wind was north easterly we thought that we would try the Reservoir site.

The site is at the head of the Carding Mill valley and is quite picturesque, with a small reservoir.

It took a few attempts for us to find the correct place to fly from, initially the flying conditions were very turbulent and great concentration needed to fly for any length of time, we moved further around the valley head and found that it became a lot smoother, the wind must have moved around more south easterly so coming straight up the valley.

The flying was quite good then but still low down turbulence making the landings quite eventful, I think we both learned a lot about slope soaring during the day.

Here is a short video of what the place looks like from my M60, I`ve kept the video short as I know these films can become a bit boring.

And finally a photo of Barry with his new Typhoon, that’s the glider not the hat.

Thanks to Chris for making this photo possible.


One thought on “Long Mynd Reservoir Site”

  1. Good report Mel, as you say when the wind came directly up valley it smoothed out. If the conditions had stayed turbulent, the the Typhoon would not have been maidened. The Skua was like flying tissue paper in the wind during the morning.

    On the Typhoon front, it was very smooth and easy to fly. In preparation for the next flight, I have refined the crow braking, increasing the aileron throws which was very limited whilst in full crow and put a little rudder mix in to the ailerons to help the landing control (on a switch).