Lleyn Peninsular Sept 2017

A short summary of the clubs visit to the Lleyn Peninsular North Wales.

After a long (in time not miles) journey I arrived at the campsite on Saturday afternoon and pitched camp, Martin and Robert also travelled on the same day but they had rented a cottage for the week, and after a stormy night I meet up with them the following day, when I was invited to the cottage for a cuppa, no flying as it was still raining.

Barry and Steve arrived Sunday afternoon, just as the rain stopped and Barry and me walked down to the cliffs and flew for a short while over the beach.

As the wind direction suited this flying site we all spent the day there on Monday, weather was a bit mixed but we flew, however this area had a bad rotor so landing was challenging.


Tuesday was a bad weather day, until 3 o`clock when the rain stopped, as the wind direction was now westerly we travelled the short distance (about 1 mile) to Mynydd Cilan which over looks Porth Neigwl or Hells Mouth. We had a good 3 hours or so here and I came away thinking that I had had a good day.

Wednesday was by far the best day of the week, no rain at all we even had some sunshine, winds were still westerly so we flew from Hells Mouth and an excellent day was had.




Martin had brought with him a model which had the electronic kit needed to fly autonomously, so during Wednesday morning a route across the bay was plotted and amongst great interest and anticipation this thing was sent on it`s way, and after disappearing from sight (as expected), we all sat and waited for it to return, and we waited…..and waited, it would be nice to say that it did eventually appear but alas it was never seen again, which is a pity, but thank you Martin for giving it a try.



Martin sat with binoculars waiting for the return of his model.

Here is quite a long and maybe bit boring video of me flying my Aquila over Hells Mouth.















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