FPV Drone Disaster Movie

Gaining confidence with the Quad copters, I decided to have a try a flying mine by FPV rather than line of site. Thing didn’t quite go according to plan, below are 2 videos of the same flight, the first is from the ground station with the telemetry, the second is from the quad itself, higher resolution, but without any telemetry readout.

Although the orientation was easier in FPV than line of site, I seemed to be spending more time trying to correct drifts and rolls rather than flying it. I suspect the cheap boards that we have purchased are a little lacking, the addition of accelerometers rather than just the giros may help to stabalise the quad and make it easier to fly in this way. Although there are plenty of other videos on the web which these boards are used and they fly beautifully, which does make me think that we have not mastered the settings of this board yet, and need some more practice. The full roll over at the end of the video is a bit perplexing. I did remove the goggles because I didn’t think I could land it safely FPV. The RSSI is showing a good signal at the receiver, I released the sticks and increased the power slightly with the intention that the giros would level the quad, but they didn’t. Just before this flight I did increase the ‘I’ factoring on the board, perhaps this was set to high (perhaps higher than the ‘P’ factor) and so the board into continuing to roll rather than correcting the roll. I increased this with the intention of trying to make the quad more stable, and slower for FPV.

Fortunately very little damage seems to have been done to the quad, 2 broken props and 1 slightly bent motor mount. It will fly again!

3 thoughts on “FPV Drone Disaster Movie”

    1. Thank you. I think I did mess up the settings on the board, need to recalibrate them.
      The orientation wasn’t too bad, we’ve done a bit of FPV on the planes now so I’m quite used to the layout from the air, but it was a handful to make go where I wanted it to, for whatever reason.

  1. Wasn’t really a disaster was it. Is it possible to tell from the sound of the rotors and the position of the microphones which rotors were racing at the end ? Was it trying to correct or accelerate the roll.