First Aerial Flight

I have often wondered what views could be seen from my glider when at it’s highest point. Mystery solved – Chris very kindly lent me his Mobius camera to kill my curiosity.

After a couple of inches of Velcro were applied to my wing Chris stuck the Mobius on and launched the all-seeing Phoenix into the cloudy sky.

After a safe landing it was front row at the movies as Chris played back the recording.  Brilliant..!

I ordered my new Mobius today  🙂

You may notice at the start of the recording a lone FlyingWing under the control of Mel.  This craft was also seen buzzing the Phoenix on it’s final approach.  Some people will do anything to get on the telly…

2 thoughts on “First Aerial Flight”

  1. Very nice Mr Dave, and a very nice landing.
    I think Mel was trying to put you off and make you crash, he is mean like that 😉 but you weren’t put off.

    I look forward to seeing more from different slopes around the country 🙂