Donner und Blitzen..!

Wednesday 5 July was a sunny day but proved to be a downpour in the heart of the club’s leading Test Pilot. His lovely red pride and joy came tumbling out of the sky to hide itself amongst the trees of a distant field.

Even the local livestock were happy to search the long grass

All the members came to the rescue and after a lengthy search found the stricken ex-plane hiding amongst nearby trees.

Look what I’ve found…
This is the important bit…

Mike: I’ve been stuck on this stile for two bluddy hours.
Adrian: Thanks for warming the seat up for me…

But it was all too much for the intrepid Ace. Emotions were running high and Adrian just couldn’t contain himself no longer. The visiting cows were clearly sharing his dismay.

First Aerial Flight

I have often wondered what views could be seen from my glider when at it’s highest point. Mystery solved – Chris very kindly lent me his Mobius camera to kill my curiosity.

After a couple of inches of Velcro were applied to my wing Chris stuck the Mobius on and launched the all-seeing Phoenix into the cloudy sky.

After a safe landing it was front row at the movies as Chris played back the recording.  Brilliant..!

I ordered my new Mobius today  🙂

You may notice at the start of the recording a lone FlyingWing under the control of Mel.  This craft was also seen buzzing the Phoenix on it’s final approach.  Some people will do anything to get on the telly…