Almost an Automatic Ban (How High, How Far, How Fast 2)

As we all know being caught over 100mph is an automatic ban. Fortunately whilst speed testing Scott’s newly decorated Viggen EDF we clocked a top speed of 96 mph. A technical issue with the launch mechanism which caused damage to the nose, and shifting of the battery possibly over the GPS unit so it didn’t detect correct meant that although we think this speed was beaten it was not correctly measured.

The first run had an on board camera, and here is the GPS track



And the onboard for run 1

Below is the speed vs altitude for each of the runs, as you can see run 4 does not appear to show correct data.



Adding onto this I did do some further calculations based on the longitude and latitude registered on the device, although the speed was not logged, the position appears to have been. Below is the graph which show this calculation appears to be very close to the measured speed, although the calculated speed does not take account of vertical speed, only horizontal speed.


This show a top speed of 126 MPHAlthough of course if the speed isn’t being logged correctly, the altitude does look like it is not being logged correctly here, so the position is also not confirmable. But as an unofficial top speed 126mph isn’t bad!



Based on the same calculation of distance moved between each recorded point, the points are always 1 second apart, so the distance travelled can be calculated and so then of course the speed


3 thoughts on “Almost an Automatic Ban (How High, How Far, How Fast 2)”

  1. Some very cool info there Mr Chris, interesting to see the results in run one as that was with the 3cell and I didn’t really push it that much, not like we did in runs three and four with the 4 cells anyway.

    Can’t wait to try again, will try and make room in the new nose for the other speedo so we can compare if you like.

    1. I actually ran the calculation on the 3 cell and the other run. The 3 cell actually shows a max speed of 95MPH, run2 had a max speed of 99.6mph, run3 now shows a max speed of 138mph. Maybe we need to mount the gps on the outside, or away from the speed controller or something? Maybe they are interfering with it so its not showing the speed correctly? If I can get mine flying then the speed controller is further away from the nose, the longitude and latitude position is easier for a GPS to calculate than its full 3d position which may then in turn affect the speed calculations.