The ‘A’ Team

The club ‘A’ team met up the field on Sunday 24th September to be awarded their ‘A’ certificates by the club Safety Officer, Adrian Howley.

Anthony Cundy, Colin Watkins, Barry Twilton and Mel Jones all looked suitably pleased with their shiny new certificates, although Barry’s seems to have gone AWOL for some reason!

Congratulations to those who suffered enormous stress and pressure whilst enduring hours of practice over the months before the test, never mind the relentless micky taking!

At least now we can get back to ‘normal’ flying!








2 thoughts on “The ‘A’ Team”

  1. On a serious note, lets hope that the unfortunate incident on the 24th. Sept. will make all member become more vigilant in keeping to the ‘No fly zones’. The incident was less than 10 metres away from becoming a tragic accident and all members must be aware of how easy accidents can happen.