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Musings of an idiot

Having studied the news and all the data regarding the Gatwick airport closures, I have come up with the following conclusion……..


It is now obvious that the so called drones were small craft sent out to create room for  a much larger mother ship to land safely. That mother ship I consider has now been disguised as a RABBIT.
It is suggested that if anyone sees an extremely large rabbit disguised as a spacecraft, they should get in touch with the anti alien spacecraft department immediately. Details can be found in their local hospital!


Was it this one?


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  • Rabbit-Spaceship-1.jpg

Colin, you have taken me completely by surprise, my initial comments were very much 'tongue in cheek' comments. However the photograph you have posted makes it very clear that these aliens do exist and are probably very prolific around UK airports.

I suggest that the committee request all members to be vigilant whilst at the flying field and report any sightings of rabbits or aliens to the club anti alien officer.