Maiden of Bush Mule and Foxeer Camera

A double maiden today, in the air at the same time in exactly the same place.

The first maiden is the Avios Bush Mule, released by hobbyking as the successor to the Sky Mule. The new Bush Mule has much larger tyres, an openable cargo door, and new lights I believe. The upshot is a twin engined STOL cargo plane which is very capable on a standard field such as ours.

The handling of the plane is excellent, out of the box needed very little trimming, the place is responsive, but can be turned down, very much in the same character of a high wing plane such as the tundra or the riot. The advantage of course is that it is a twin so has the clear forward view from the nose. This clear view, big landing gear, and loads of space inside for an autopilot system does, in my view make the plane ideal for an FPV plane, although I haven’t put the FPV gear in this plane yet.
From my flights today I haven’t gained confidence enough to slow the plane down enough on landing, so my landing were rather fast and bouncy, but I think that will come as I get more used to it.
This leads us to the second maiden which is for the Foxeer Legend 2 camera

The camera is the same form factor as the mobius, similar size, similar lens and similar weight. However the legend 2 has a frame rate up to 240 frames per second at 640×480 and a maximum resulution of 2880×2160 (UHD) at 24 frames per second, giving the nice option of 60FPS at 1080p HD. It also offer HDR (High Dynamic Range) which give better colour reproduction and Electronic Image Stabalisation (EIS). The camera also has an AV ouput making it suitable for FPV and a silicon case to offer a little protection to the camera in the event of a crash. Finally the camera can be configured via wifi from a smartphone. A quite impressive package for £53 from banggood, even more impressive when you realise this is significantly cheaper that the new Mobius which still has a maximum resolution frame rate of 1080p @ 30fps. Here is the mobius and the legend2 side by side.

Then here are 2 video taken from the bush mule on the legend2 the first video is 1080p@60fps

the second is taken at UHD@24fps although youtube did breifly show this highest resolutions when I uploaded it, it then disappeared, maybe it will re-appear later, but here it is.

Both these videos were taken with HDR and EIS turned on. Most image stabalisation seems to damp movement on the video, on this camera the most noticable effect is that fantastic stills can be taken from the video, I recommend that you click on this image to see the full size image, and just how clear it is, such little jitter and shake on the image:

An equivalent picture from a mobius

All in all I am very happy with both the plane and the camera, and I would happily recommend both anyone.

2 thoughts on “Maiden of Bush Mule and Foxeer Camera”

  1. Nice work Chris, I fancy buying the Mule as I want a twin motor plane, also the camera looks to work well, however last order I gave Banggood never arrived, have to give it some thought, thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you.
      The BushMule is a nice plane, loads of space inside too. Although I forgot to mention it uses a 4S battery about 3,000-4,000mah. I have an 8 channel receiver full with the differential trust and the cargo door.
      I found this supplier which also ships to the UK:
      ecrater seem to be a bit of a market place site, they have a US, UK and AU site.
      Bigboysrchobbyshop seems to be American in origin, but usually deliveries from America arn’t £2 although the camera is £20 more.
      Unfortunately without any experience it may be just as reliable as banggood… 🙁