Llandudno May 2017


The weekend started on Friday for most that were there, as I was one of the campers the first thing to do was set up camp.

Once done we headed for the Great Orme where we met up with Robert and several other model flyers who were also there for the weekend, hailing from Northampton.

The weather was overcast but the sun showed through sometimes, as the wind direction was northerly we flew our models from the “tank track” site but overlooking the café.


Saturday morning arrived and I was invited to Twilton Manor for a bacon sandwich, but upon entering the vastness of the tent I quickly became lost and so unable to find my sandwich found my way out and had to go hungry.

It rained for most of Saturday morning so we stayed in camp, it stopped midday so we went to the slope, there were even more flyers there as those that couldn`t make it on Friday arrived including Adrian.

“Here what you looking at”                        Photo credit: Steve Bowdler

The wind had become a south westerly so the more landing friendly site could be used at the “tank track” location.

Photo credit: Steve Bowdler
Here is Barry doing his best to be small, so that “Twilton Manor” would seem to be even bigger!!   Photo Credit: Steve Bowdler

Conditions were good for flying and a good time had by all.

Sunday was the best day of the weekend for flying with almost perfect conditions for most of the day, the wind moved around to the south during the late afternoon and eventually became unflyable from the “tank track” site, but by then most had already left.

Photo Credit: Steve Bowdler

I think these are Barry`s feet, maybe he is still being small

Steve`s dog Megan spent the morning looking for rabbits and eventually caught one which she would not let go of, and was a source of amusement to everyone.

Photo Credit: Steve Bowdler

For me Monday was spent packing up and travelling home, after a very enjoyable weekend, my thanks to all who came and to the Northampton group who were most friendly, also to the locals that joined and gave advice.

Here`s looking forward to the next trip.













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