Leckhampton ” A Vagabond dies”

Subtitle: You take out two models but return with only one.


Barry suggested we go to Leckhampton, which is just south of Cheltenham, to try out the slope there. The slope is listed on the Slope Soarer guide as usable with a north to north-westerly wind, which as it happened was the wind direction for the day we went so all set and off we go.

Barry brought along his light glider (the name of which escapes me, new brain needed), also a larger similar model of his own creation and the famous “Nobby”, I took along my Wild Thing and the Vagabond.

There is a walk from the car park to the slope, we guess about 3/4 mile, but it is level, you can`t see the slope until you are on top of it the footpath being quite wooded and there are quite a few trees and bushes around, as it turned out they were not a problem.


100_0002 (800x450)

The wind speed was averaging about 12 mph when we arrived and the lift was not bad once away from the edge, and several sorties were made, as the day went on the wind speed dropped and so the flying became more difficult.

There is a nice landing area behind the slope, quite large with the odd bush here and there, however it is a popular place for walkers and their dogs so waiting for it to clear could be a problem, not to bad today but at the weekend it would be more difficult.

100_0004 (800x450)

Barry and his new creation (you can just about see it if you look closely), it flew very nicely I think he was quite pleased.

To explain the subtitle; my Vagabond has always been a pain to fly I just can not get it set up as I would like it.

The problem is with the C of G, I had it to far back, so I started to adjust it bit by bit. We were losing lift by now but I persevered, and found myself flying below the ridge line, I know, I thought, with a little speed and using what lift there was I should make it back up,… wrong my poor Vagabond is now sitting all alone half way down the cliff face.

Of course our old friend Hindsight suggested afterwards that I could have landed at the bottom of the cliff,… we does he always say that when its to late.

Well never mind.

We both enjoyed our day at Leckhampton, with a stronger wind it would have been better.

I made a video using my Wild Thing so you can see what it is like, nice views of Cheltenham.

6 thoughts on “Leckhampton ” A Vagabond dies””

  1. The location is good with smooth lift even with the trees below, The lightened Spectra wing flew early in the day but with the wind speed dropping to circa 5mph with gusts to 12mph (data from https://cleeve-weather.grg.org.uk/weather.php?date=Today ) so only the Skua and new prototype Pikee 1.8m could fly until Mel parked his Vagabond on a cliff shelf underneath us, so I called a holt to my day.

    I will find a picture of Pikee and post on another blog, as I don’t know how to attach one to the comment