How to rescue a glider from a “not very high” tree

Last meeting at the field saw Campervan Dave arrive with a brand new model, a E-Flight Radian XL no less, and very nice it looked too, well for a short time anyway.

After some stalling by Dave as he spent some time messing with his transmitter, off he set along with Adrian to commence the maiden flight, which went quite well and was uneventful.

It wasn`t until the third flight of this wonderous model, that disaster stuck, the result ending with the plane parked quite nicely in a tree.

The rescue mission was led by Barry and Dave, they crossed fast flowing streams, barbed wire fences and knee high nettles before they reached the site of the incident, our correspondent managed to capture the final few minutes of the rescue on video.

Nice work chaps.

Here is a second short video of the perilous crossing of the barbed fence, watch your wedding tackle gentlemen.

I am happy to report that all ended well, apart from a little embarrassment which was suffered by Dave.

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