Death of a Riot.

It is with great sadness that I have to report the loss of a truly amazing plane.

The Blue Riot had flown many a sortie, it carried planes on piggyback, flew with smoke, rockets and even ribbons.

On one occasion it even carried a banner for someones 40th, but we wont go into that.


What could possibly kill this amazing plane I hear you ask?

Well it all started when I noticed on this very blog site that Dave had modified the tail on his Riot, what a fantastic idea I thought, I’ve never flown a plane with a fully moving tail before, so set about to modify mine in a similar but less broken way.

So it came to pass that on Sunday the 29th of May 2016, I sat at the flight line and readied myself for what I thought would be an interesting flight…

The modifications held well, less can be said of the battery cover 🙁

4 thoughts on “Death of a Riot.”

  1. Scott
    I was amazed to actually see it take off and fly, even for such a short distance.
    The idea of the all moving tail plane has got to be done again, any offers?

    1. Oh I already have another plane (an old 3d plane) to have a go with the moving tail again 😉

      Plus I have a new Riot now which was maidened Yesterday, flew lovely despite being told RSSI low and suffering a brownout, landed just shy of the strip but in one piece, so rapidly becoming my new fav 😀

  2. Scott!
    Sorry to hear about your sad loss!
    I’m beginning to think that an all moving tail may not be such a good idea! Just a thought!

    ps Suitably dramatic music with excellent timing!