Orme weekend May 2016

It started when Adrian invited our slope soaring gang to have another go at flying under Llangollen pier.  Adrian, Mel, Dave, Chris, Scott, Steve-B, Mike and Tony and a sprinkling of the fairer sex met up at the Great Orme Ski centre on Saturday lunchtime.  We could not detect any wind but the forecast of a 10mph Easterly tempted us to walk up to the slope.

There was just enough lift for ultra-light discus launch gliders but flying was much easier for those who could use electric assist.  It could be a bit scary to chuck a glider over a precipice and out over the sea – Mel provided a maiden launch of Steve’s wing.

Going Gone

Landing is difficult on this slope due to small undulations and rocky outcrops but most of us avoided serious damage.


We all retired to our accommodation to prepare for a pre-booked visit to Romeo’s for an excellent Italian.  Colin had been on his way home from a motorbike tour round Scotland and diverted to join us for the meal and stay to watch the next day’s flying.


Sunday started calm and damp but eventually blossomed into a good day for everybody else.

Boys and their Toys

My Libelle DLG seemed to be right for the early morning light air until competence was overtaken by too much confidence.  A couple of clumsy manoeuvres at the dodgy left side of the slope took the model below the height of the cliff.  I recovered to stable flight but could not find any lift to get back up.  Eventually the model went out of sight and I left it to its own devices.  While I headed off to check beside the under cliff road, my beautiful butterfly (Libelle is German for butterfly) came back into sight from the top.  If the tide and wind had been right, I might have met Adrian’s challenge of getting under the pier, but instead it looked like Dublin next stop.

Missed the pier Llangollen Pier

I could have been tempted to lock my other models in the car but as the wind picked up I joined the rest in some great flying with plenty of

Contemplation Concentration Relaxation

Most of the gang went home at the end of the day but Adrian, Mel, Dave and Tony stayed for another morning.  More sun and wind gave a great morning, including a spectacular flight from Adrian’s 2.5m mouldie and a maiden for Tony’s Wild Thing.  We had a visitor who couldn’t make up his mind whether to fly himself or just hope for a free ride.

Free Ride

He eventually walked off in a huff when we tried to insist he joined BMFA.


If any other members are interested in slope soaring please get Adrian to put you on the circulation list for trips to the hills.


Tony Cundy